Educational Materials


Percussion Student Practice Guide

  1. 1.  Basic Warm-up Exercises

  2. 2.  Accent Tap Exercises

  3. 3.  15 Tap Timing

  4. 4.  15 Accent Patterns

  5. 5.  Triplet Accent Patterns

  6. 6.  15 Accent Patterns Applied

  7. 7.  Three Camps

  8. 8.  Singles Exercises

  9. 9.  Double Beat Exercises

  10. 10.  Paradiddle Extension

  11. 11.  Roll Timing Exercises

  12. 12.  Rudiment Breakdown

  13. 13.  Basic Drumset Patterns

Right click, and choose save as to download the Student Practice Guide.  Click to open in a new window.Education_files/Student%20Book_2.pdfEducation_files/Student%20Book_2.pdfEducation_files/Student%20Book_2.pdfEducation_files/Student%20Book_3.pdfshapeimage_17_link_0shapeimage_17_link_1shapeimage_17_link_2

Drumline Exercises

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  1. Bullet  IU 2-3 or Not 2-3  A fun exercise that morphs the standard double and triple beat exercise.  Fun to play alone or with you friends.  A fun tag ending too.

  2. Bullet  Role Reversal and Identity Crisis Another exercise from my days at Indiana University.  A hidden metronomic modulation and some cool turn-arounds make this a fun exercise to practice “fresh” and “tap” rolls off of both hands.

  3. Bullet  My Friend’s Normal A street beat I wrote for Wando High School in 2006.  A play on the title of the famous John Pratt solo. 

My Personal Warm-ups

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  1. Bullet  Super Stick Control A stick control exercise Naoki Ishikawa and I merged together from 2 separate exercises.  A little tricky, but start slow, gradually build speed and then play it along with some fast electronica.  This one is fun!

  2. Bullet 4-2-1 Paradiddle Switch This is a group of paradiddle-based warm-ups that quickly get my brain, hands and feet warmed-up before a show, session or rehearsal.

  3. BulletMore exercises coming soon!!!

Other Materials

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  1. Bullet  Percussion FUNdamentals A group of warmups and descriptions of stroke types to get percussionists off on the right foot.