Stuff for the Senses

Ears, Eyes, Nose


I also have a few videos on YouTube.  Check them out.  Especially the working for the weekend video...

Here is a fun video my wife and I made while enjoying a couple days off in Osaka, Japan.

Track Descriptions:

  1. BulletSay Goodbye, Peal: This is one of my favorite tracks from Beautiful Baby Elephant.

  2. BulletStevie Song #3, Sol Driven Train: My debut accordion recording, off their CD, Believe

  3. BulletSakura Breakbeat: This is a quick remix I did recently of Vince Oliver’s “cafe” solo from Blast II: MIX. 

  4. BulletXylophonia, The Dallas Brass: A cut off An American Musical Journey, it’s one of my favorite xylophone rags to play live. 

  5. BulletToda la Gente, Sol Driven Train: One of my favorite percussion driven tracks.  This time I’m on congas.

Here is a recent video of me performing with Dallas Brass in Terrell, Texas.