Handel Percussion


    The Handel Percussion website was designed for my own percussion students in particular and other percussionists in general. The purpose is to function as a motivational tool and daily stopping point for students to pick up new information, lessons, and music. In addition, the site will serve as an online resource for percussionists to pass along new information and distribute music. Students who regularly visit and make use of this website will discover a wealth of percussion-related information and knowledge intended to inspire great enjoyment in the learning process as they strive to improve their skills and even aspire to a drumming career. No matter what time of day, a motivated drummer can tap into the reserve of helpful facts, instructions, skills, and techniques.   Moreover, using this site can contribute to going Green by reducing paper waste.  Even though you’ll probably print them out anyways...

   So check out the site, check out some exercises, listen to some music, and drop me a line...

    Also, check out the Wando Percussion Blog.

    Any problems, please email the webmaster.


Welcome to Handel Percussion!

If it makes a sound when you hit it...

Wando Concert Band 1 and Percussion Ensemble SCMEA Concert, Feb 4, 2016 
Wando Percussion and Jazz Concert April 28th, 2016