Jeff Handel and offer many professional services, including Music Arranging, Original Percussion compositions, private and group teaching, as well as a wide array of performing arts, including all areas of percussion.  To check on my availability for your on-site event, check out my schedule or email me with an inquiry.

Examples include, but are not limited to:

  1.     Live percussion performance

  2.     Private Lessons on Drumset, Mallets, Hand Percussion, Concert Percussion, etc.

  3.     Specialized Clinics on all percussion areas

  4.     Band Camp / Drumline Rehearsals

  5.     Church Services

  6.     Playing drumset or percussion for studio tracks

  7.     Arrangements and compositions for drumlines, percussion ensembles, or any other type of specialized ensemble

  8.     Consulting for musical groups, both visual and musical

  9.     I can also build a specialized, goal-oriented original percussion program for your school, including a collection of technique building exercises, cadences, and music. 

All my services are priced on an individual basis, and I’d be glad to talk about potential services, and quote you a price and time line on any project you may be considering.  Please email me for a quote.